Long day,

Long night…..

It’s project finish November 22.

I think ….;_; samishii…

I would like to more work.

I love my family.

I will go back home.

But, I would like to keep Special day and night.

It’s not easy.


Day 6-7.

A lot of things.

My first artwork.
Long night.
Probably Early morning.
I will cut hair next day.
Because, I’m thinking things.
White or black?
It’s not correct.
I would like to change.
Sometimes you too?
Not sleeeepyyyy…zzzz.

“New” News


Welcome to my new website(:

Almost my art works in this website.


I’m stay in Changwon city Korea right now.

Because, I join in “Artist in residence”.


Our exhibition in Gyeongnam Art Museum.

Duration / 2017.11.22-12.06

Opening party / 2017.11.21

I will draw artwork everyday in Atelier.

Atelier name is “Maru” near by GAM museum.

I will stay at Changwon city until November 22.


Sometimes look at this website.

I try everyday uploads something……probably(:

Sincerely yours.